Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hello from Markham

Well, it's been a long time since I last posted and lots has happened. Mark and I purchased a lovely home in Markham and moved in a month ago (the snow in the picture is from January when we purchased). We're still getting used to our new surroundings but spring has sprung and Mark is enjoying having a yard and garden to look after. We have met a lot of our neighbours, and they are all lovely. It's very strange to be living in a new place; however, so far, so good (other than the mounds of red tape that we are working through - insurance, license plates, health care, etc... in order to live in the exact same country - ugh).

I have been hired by BBW International - haven't started yet, but will be working part time assisting with conferences, trade shows and other events. The hours are very flexible, which will allow me to travel lots (with my hubby) and back to Calgary to see Dad and Tara. I'll also be working the upcoming federal election as a polling clerk. Should be interesting. Don't forget to vote!

Dad, Tara, Mark and I will be leaving for a trip to Hungary in May. Dad has always dreamed of going to see the country where his parents were both born and raised. When Mom passed away in September, we decided that we needed to help him make this dream come true! Thankfully, Dad speaks Hungarian, so hopefully the trip will go smoothly.

Mark and I will be heading to Northern Ireland for a few days on our way home from Hungary. We are looking forward to seeing lots of our friends and family. Unfortunately, it's a short trip, but we're going again in October, so we'll just count this as a bonus. Surely, it'll be some powerful craic.

Cheers, for now.

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