Monday, May 9, 2011

Europe Countdown

On Friday, Dad, Tara, Mark and I are heading to Europe. The four of us will be spending 10 days in Hungary exploring some of my Dad's heritage. I'm really looking forward to seeing the sights, as every person I mention the trip to, has stories about how amazing Budapest is, and how much we're going to love it.

We'll spend most of our time in Budapest, but will travel to two small towns (one where my Grandma lived, and one in Slovakia where my Grandpa lived), and hopefully spend some time at Lake Balaton (a resort area).

We haven't planned out exactly what we're going to do each day, but have booked tickets on RiverRide for our first full day in Budapest. It's a bus that turns into a boat! So, we'll get a great driving tour of downtown Budapest, as well as a boat cruise down the Danube. Should be a blast.

Boat? Bus? Either way, it looks like fun!

I'll be taking lots of pictures, so will post an update when we return!

On our way home, Mark and I will be stopping in Northern Ireland to visit family and go to a friend's wedding. It'll be my first British wedding, and I don't have a hat or a fascinator - uh oh! Hopefully, they'll let the lady with no hat and a strange accent in. Cheerio!

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