Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Living Room Update

So, after many months of being indecisive, Mark and I finally purchased some more furniture for our living room. While it's still not complete, it's at least at the point where I'm no longer embarrassed to open the front door for the Chinese food delivery guy!

We added a couple of pieces from West Elm (we LOVE West Elm).

Coffee Table (with sliding top and lots of storage capacity)
 My favourite piece (we don't have the yellow cushion)

We also bought an area rug from West Elm. We originally had it in the living room, but have now moved it to the family room... again, with our indecisiveness. We're hoping when Tara comes to visit at the end of the week, she'll help us get our decor in order! How great is it to have an interior designer for a sister!

Love the chevron striping - just don't know which room to put it in
Finally, we purchased a few throw pillows from Crate and Barrel to add a splash of colour to our very neutral room. I absolutely love grey and yellow together. Now if only the yellow looked better with the rug. I guess I may have to find a new rug that ties it all together. There are worse things in life than having to continue to shop!

Some colour!

Two of these help to brighten things up

Now I am in serious need of some wall decor, accessories, a side table and possibly a bench for the front entry. I can smell my Visa card burning already!

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